WCW Thunder Mini-FAQ

THQ answers your questions about WCW Thunder for the PlayStation.


Because the same WCW Thunder questions keep popping up, we asked THQ to answer your most-requested queries about its new PlayStation wrestling game due out in a couple months. Here's what the game's producer, David Hoffman, had to say.

Videogames.com readers: Is the game going to have blood? Like when you hit the guy over the head with a weapon, will he bleed? THQ: Currently, we are trying to steer away from blood. It's not something that WCW wants us to push in our video games.

Videogames.com readers: Are all of the characters going to be accessible, or is there a code to get them? THQ: There is double the amount of characters than WCW Nitro (64) in all. At this time, 32 will be available on start-up, and the others will have to be "earned."

Videogames.com readers: Will WCW Thunder feature the two different NWOs?THQ: Yes.

Videogames.com readers: Is Thunder going to be more like WCW Nitro (PS) or WCW vs. NWO (N64)?THQ: Depends on what "more like" means? There are many differences between Nitro, Revenge, and Thunder. (Read the videogames.com previews and reviews to find out the full story on each).

Videogames.com readers: Is the Fall Brawl Double Ring cage match in or out? THQ: Fall Brawl is in. Cage match is in. Double Ring (hmm)....

Videogames.com readers: Will the hidden wrestlers have their own entrances and finishers? THQ: All 64 characters will have unique entrances. The first 32 characters will have separate finishing moves.

Videogames.com readers: Could you give us info on the entrances? THQ: The entrances are taken from video footage and converted to a file called .str, which allows the PlayStation to play them back. There are 64 individual entrances with theme music.

Videogames.com readers: Will there be a Nitro ring in Thunder? THQ: Hmmm, good question. Don't you think we should put a Thunder ring in Thunder? I'll discuss it with the team.

Videogames.com readers: How fast can we expect the game to run?THQ: We have optimized the engine to the point where we are very happy with the speed. I hope you will be also.

Videogames.com readers: When (exactly, of course) will the game be available for purchase?THQ: That question is really for our sales department as they decide those issues. I've heard Xmas.

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