WCS North America Challenger League day two concludes

Another six players made their way through North America's Challenger League and into Premier League.


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On the second day of North America's World Championship Series Challenger League another six players found themselves triumphantly moving on to this season's Premier League while another heartbroken six will have to re-qualify to compete in Challenger League next season.

Below are a breakdown of yesterday's matches:

Sage (Korea)13Has (Taiwan)
Alicia (Korea)31Courage (China)
Arthur (Korea)31iAsonu (China)
Jim (China)03Bomber (Korea)
Ian (Taiwan)13puCK (United States)
Minigun (United States)30SaroVati (Canada)

Those that moved on will have the opportunity to play for $131,000 in the Premier League which begins in February. Matches can always be found on the WCS North America Twitch.tv channel.

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