WCG partners with Circuit City

Retailer named as official entertainment, electronics, and video game retailer as competition organiser also names its 2007 games.


The World Cyber Games has announced a three-year partnership with US retailer Circuit City. The store chain will place advertisements at events and online, which it believes will help branding among its young male demographic.

Circuit City will also be launching a multimillion-dollar advertising campaign to promote the competition and contribute cash toward prizes.

The two organisations are also in discussion to launch the "WCG Circuit City Circuit," which would be a series of in-store and online tournaments that would place winners in the World Cyber Games USA Championship Series.

Circuit City's senior vice president, Peter Weedfald, commented, "These events [e-Sports] are not only here to stay, but they are only going to continue to expand in size and stature."

The 10 official games for the WGC 2007 Grand Final are as follows:

Starcraft: Brood War (PC)
WarCraft III: The Frozen Throne (PC)
Half-Life: Counter-Strike (PC)
Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars (PC)
Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs (PC)
FIFA 07 (PC)
Need for Speed Carbon (PC)
Gears of War (Xbox 360)
Dead or Alive 4 (Xbox 360)
Project Gotham Racing 3 (Xbox 360)

Registration for the 2007 WCG USA Championship Tournament opens today.

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"Massive--Attack This is a freaking scam! C&C3 isn't even out yet! It shows this thing is about how much money you have, not about the game or it's quality. " hehe, Welcome, to Earth. Save your speech for a hippy rally, nothing new to be shown here, you just arrived late for the show :p I'm just glad of the diversaty, many games to choose from.

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i have korean friends who still play starcraft everyday after breakfast.. lol...... they pawned me day by day...... i cant follow their fingers on keyboard

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C&C3 isn't even out yet, we get no time to practice... but that gives more of a challenge! Who has vs one of those Asians in brood war before? i have. I swear they are godlike!

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This is a freaking scam! C&C3 isn't even out yet! It shows this thing is about how much money you have, not about the game or it's quality.

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LOL no SupCom

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Why is it C&C 3 instead of Supreme Commander?

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It should be SupCom, Not C&C3.

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anyone who is upset about PS3 games not being on that list is retarded! for god's sake there have been less than 2 million PS3's sold internationally, which is less than the number of people who own Gears of War, which is the most recent game on that list other than CNC3 personally i would have liked to see at least one more FPS on that list. counter-strike is the king of FPS's, but another would have been nice. Maybe BF2...

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NFS: C isn't that great....

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And where are the PS3 games?? :lol: I'm glad to see the great Gears of War get some love from WCG.

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starcraft = timeless classic

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It's a bit too early for C & C, game hasn't been released and it might end up not as everyone expects. Besides thats yeh Starcraft is doing well as its still in WCG, i doubt it will die any time soon. Anyways yeh WCG is always fun...

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yeah, and what do you people think, when SC:BW will die? I love SC, it's a really good game.

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>The 10 official games for the WGC 2007 Grand Final are as follows. there little mistake, WCG not WGC

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Good! But isn't too early for C&C 3? It hasn't been released yet, so you won't have a lot of time to practice...

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CC is not getting owned by Best Buy, in all the best buys where i live they dont know anything about games or computer well not even the tv they just know the spec they have in the box and thats it they are not gamers or anything i prefer CC because they do know more about their product they sell

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:(Not good

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Awsome i really like the games, but i think racing games are more x360 then pc. with the wireless wheel. but thats just because i dont really have a gaming pc. But awsome games

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It means we have to play NFSC online in WCG! In our country, lines are very slow. Don't know what's gonna happen. :(

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WCG is THE worldwide gaming competition... everyone aspires to go to the WCG global finals

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You kids realize you are slamming one of the most prestige gaming events? And to those of you thinking you will do good and go far in competitive, i wish you the best of luck ; ), you'll need it, especially if you plan on taking on Koreans in Starcraft. The best players there do an average of 400-500 keystrokes per minute while playing...talk about micro.

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PC and X360, hmm......

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Yeah, more contests are cool...

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another lovely gaming competition

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no rainbow six and circit city LoL pass

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I dont see anywhere I can sign up for gears of a anything... someone shoot me a message and i'd appreciate it if ya know anything :)

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gr8 news!

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I hope they add more games to the list soon.

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sounds like a lot of fun....I may have to freshen up on my WC3 skills :D

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Same here, are CC's are being owned by Best Buy's.

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Circuit City? where I'm from CC is sort of on the low end of the totem pole. Best Buys are way better.

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huzzah i own this tourny u can play at n e age O_o

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lets kick ass in tourns mwahahahahaha!!!

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How old do you have to be to enter? I hope they allow 14 year olds, I'm pro at GOW and DOA4. Anyone else planning on joining?

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we must having a gaming pc or a xbox 360, seems they only support microsoft so far, kinda limiting and low of MS although thumbs up to circuit city for setting the tournaments up

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u guys are so negative, this is great news. it provides a mainstream approach to tourneys. if you have a problem then you probably arnt competitive enough to enjoy it anyways. I'm sorry if i'm offending anyone but i hate how people diss circuit city, when they are trying to bring fun to the gaming society. I hoep they would do this in canada. Many people thirst for these types of tournaments, but all we are restricted to is lan parties and using online features like xbox live, and hamachi. and that doesn't provide anyway to meet new people or competition. You should be glad that they are setting something like this up.

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Circuit City? Those are still open?

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More funding for online tournaments. Sounds good. We'll see what happens. (Are need for Speed and FIFA best played on a PC? If so that's news to me)

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Circuit City blows!!!...HARD!!!

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This is good news... for... somebody?

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NICE!...... I guess?