WB defends Batman: Arkham Origins

Creative director says "people have the right to be cynical," but believes gamers will be convinced when they try the game out.


Batman: Arkham Origins is the first entry in the series developed outside of Rocksteady Studios, leading some to be skeptical about the project.

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The creative director at WB Games Montreal, Eric Holmes, acknowledged this skepticism in a new interview, but said gamers will believe in the title once they get to play it.

"I would say that people have the right to be cynical; they have the option to be cynical," Holmes told GameSpot. "Come and play the game at one of these events where we bring the game. And I think as soon as you've got the pad in your hand, you're going to see that this game is authentic and uses the same underpinnings and core mechanics of the previous Arkham games."

Adding value to Arkham Origins, Holmes said, is the game's new tactical features, another facet of the project he believes consumers will be drawn to.

Above all else, though, Holmes said he believes the story in Arkham Origins--which he wouldn't share details about--is the game's main draw.

"And I think we have a great story…I can't tell you too much about…but I can tell you I'm really excited about our story," Holmes said. "I think it's a very important Batman story and I think fans are going to love that probably more than any other thing in the game."

Rocksteady previously said it is confident that WB Games Montreal will make a "fantastic" Batman game in Arkham Origins. Rocksteady is rumored to be at work on a stylized Batman prequel due in 2014 at the earliest.

Batman: Arkham Origins launches October 25 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, and Wii U. A 3DS game--Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate--will launch the same day for the 3DS and PlayStation Vita developed by a group of former Metroid Prime developers at Armature Studios.

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