Wave Rally revealed

See the first screenshots from Eidos Interactive's Jet Ski racing game for the PlayStation 2.


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Eidos Interactive has released the first screenshots from its upcoming PlayStation 2 Jet Ski racing game, Wave Rally. The game consists of four primary modes of play: arcade, championship, freestyle, and two-player head-to-head play. The races take place in various locations around the world, including the canals of Venice and the beaches of Florida, among others. Eidos has secured the Kawasaki license for the game, so Jet Skis under the Kawasaki brand are featured in the game.

"We are very excited about Jet Pilot and Kawasaki's involvement with Wave Rally," said Paul Baldwin, vice president of marketing at Eidos Interactive. "When you think of quality, high-performance, and breakthrough technology involving personal watercraft, you think of Kawasaki, and this will be reflected in the game itself."

Wave Rally is being developed by the Japanese studio Opus Corporation. The firm previously developed Surfing H3O, which was released on the PS2 by Rockstar Games.

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