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Wave Race 64 splashes onto Euro VC

Two new titles arrive for this week's European Virtual Console update, Wave Race 64 and Craterzone.


Europeans now have 125 Virtual Console titles to download from their Wii Virtual Console, as two more games are added with today's update.

The first, Wave Race 64, was originally released for the Nintendo 64 in 1997, and is the sequel to the Game Boy title Wave Race. Players race on Jet Skis, navigating their way through awkwardly placed buoys, and perform tricks to earn points. Wave Race 64 has four different gameplay modes: championship, stunt challenge, two-player, and time trials.

The second title this week is Cratermaze, which was originally released for the TurboGrafx in 1990. The game's hero, Opi, has to rescue his friends from the Zenzombie's henchmen. The game has 60 levels of mazes to navigate, and each 15 levels Opi rescues one of his mates. Enemies are defeated by digging holes and dropping them in.

Wave Racer 64 costs 1,000 Wii points (approx £7.00), and Cratermaze, 600 points (£4.20).

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