Watchmen Episode 2 coming to PC after all

[UPDATE] The End Is Nigh will get compiled retail releases for Xbox 360 and PS3 this July; Warner Bros. reverses self on Friday, says next installment coming to PC after all.


Earlier this year, the movie comic-book Watchmen hit theaters, accompanied by the first episode of a two-part prequel game, The End Is Nigh, for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment today revealed some plans for The End Is Nigh Part 2 on the PS3 and 360, saying the game would be released in conjunction with the DVD and Blu-ray launches of Watchmen in July, and not only in downloadable form.

If you want to find out what happens to Rorschach and Nite Owl, you can still read the graphic novel or watch the movie.
If you want to find out what happens to Rorschach and Nite Owl, you can still read the graphic novel or watch the movie.

Both parts of The End Is Nigh will be combined and offered at retail as a stand-alone title on the Xbox 360. For PS3 owners, Warner is offering Watchmen: The End Is Nigh The Complete Experience, which will include the director's-cut version of the film and both halves of the episodic game. Part 2 of The End Is Nigh will also be available on its own through Xbox Live Arcade or the PlayStation Network.

[UPDATE] On Thursday, it looked like gamers who invested $20 in the first Watchmen episode wouldn't have the option of finishing the series. That's when Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment confirmed to GameSpot the episode would not be released for the PC. On Friday, though, following reports on sites such as the Big Download, WBIE reversed itself, announcing the game would be available as PC DLC after all.

Developed by Deadline Games (Total Overdose, Chili Con Carnage), The End Is Nigh is a 3D action brawler featuring split-screen cooperative play for two. The game is set before the events of the film and follows film protagonists Rorschach and Nite Owl during their days as a crime-fighting duo cleaning up the streets. The game is intended to fill in backstory alluded to but never discussed in any detail in the comic and the movie.

For more on the first episode of the game, check out GameSpot's review of Watchmen: The End Is Nigh.

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Avatar image for pakhair

The game is plan fun.........

Avatar image for wahyudil

I feel the fighting animation is too slow ...

Avatar image for DrunkenGoon

I thoroughly enjoyed the first episode.. It was mindless brawler fun and for only $20 it was well worth it. No one said this was going to be some kind of epic game so no one should have went in expecting anything more.

Avatar image for DeadManRollin

You ignore PC as a gaming platform, and your company gets bankrupt. Example: Midway.

Avatar image for Irve

I'm amazed that this is coming out at all .. surely after the first one people don't want to play any more ... this was a hiddiously expensive way to release a shoddy game... this is almost as ill advised as the game of Fight club

Avatar image for Mozillla

surpise this isn't coming for wii :(

Avatar image for Puckhog04

@Humorguy: What's funny about your comment is that us PC gamers get essentially every multiplat out there. A rare few come out a bit later on PC but we still get them. Whereas there's is a huge list of PC exclusives (more than any other platform, Yes, google it...PC exclusives of 2009) that do not appear anywhere but PC. Watchment The End is Nigh was an enjoyable game. Bought it off of Steam. Good to see the 2nd episode on PC (and i'm assuming on Steam and D2D). Haters can hate all they EA has said, PC is the largest and most played gaming platform out there. Always has been and always will be.

Avatar image for birdgang_1

@pureskull123 you mix grammar with spelling. My my, yet I'm the loser. Another example of irony.

Avatar image for pureskull123

@birdgang_1 Making fun on someone elses grammar makes you sound like a total retarded geek who cannot get the poing for missing out 1 letter. LOSER!!!!

Avatar image for Gezquester

Firstly Im kinda pissed that the rest of it comes after the fact, seems kind of stilly to me. Second, the prospect of the second part never being released on the pc is so ridiculous it seems unreal, like maybe it was a conspiracy or something, dont these people want to make money? Last but not least, I call BS on a complete physical release, I already got the first one… but I would prefer a disc, so I either buy the first one twice or get the second DLC, its frustrating!

Avatar image for birdgang_1

@Chet_Won Talk to me when your grammar lessons pave through. How ironic.

Avatar image for Revan_911

I'm glad to see some companies still respect their customers and don't crap in their mouths (EPIC GAMES). I might consider downloading the two games because i love Watchmen, and two of them combined for 40$ will offer plenty hours of enjoyment.

Avatar image for Chet_Won

birdgang your a moron I hope your happy that your computer gets this horrible game the 1st one garbage this one most likely more garbage

Avatar image for birdgang_1

@ Shootn This is why "consolers" should just shut the f'k up, due to them not knowing squat. They don't try PC games on "many types of pcs", they try it on ONE PC. If your computer specification is greater than or equivalent to that PC's setup, the game will work for you.

Avatar image for birdgang_1

@Humorguy_basic You're not stating the truth, you're rambling on about what PC-haters have been saying for years. Yet, PC gaming is still alive and well.

Avatar image for sheepradish


Avatar image for Humorguy_basic

Great news just if you are a PC gamer, never mind if you bought the first and wanted the second. Because it says if PC gamers shout, sometimes we win, and we get a PC game release, which are few and far between nowadays!

Avatar image for XanderKage

Good to see they came to their sences... Though I doubt I'll get it (didn't get the first part), it's nice to see they care....

Avatar image for HOMIE_G64

I almost cried when they decided not to release the second portion to the PC. This is great news!

Avatar image for bormerc

first game was good. i hope that'll be great

Avatar image for Cohenat

Fed__X: i am reading it right now, its great and i have even seen the movie. Everything together is good.

Avatar image for Cohenat

Great i think i will buy the Directors cut BR with the first and second episode (but of course, it depends on the price, if it is not too much higher than the DC BR without the episodes).

Avatar image for NPiracy

it's not skips PC at all << LINK REMOVED >>

Avatar image for chaos20

once again, pc gamers get screwed over

Avatar image for BloodMist

If you were reall cool, you woulda said comic book.But, alas.

Avatar image for Fed__X

Read the GN and be done with it. The movie was ok and the games are sour. If you want the Watchmen experience pick the book up. You'll be glad you did.

Avatar image for MuffinPunk

I'm totally getting the complete experience version.

Avatar image for mvlbr

Oh god why!!!! The demo was boring as hell I can't imagine why they would even bother with a second episode.

Avatar image for deactivated-5794c80d29e7d

this game is bullsh!t! waste for time! NO NEED "Warner Bros" we are doing fine... we don't need your crappi GAME........ DROP DEAD!

Avatar image for stakex007

@czdesigns Nope, Bethesda already confirmed their next DLC's will be for all platforms. They know the PC is an important platform for their games and wouldn't dare shun us. As for Red Faction being delayed.... I personally believe it might have been the best thing possible. Its better they delay it, instead of rushing it to market as nothing but a terrible port. At least now it has the chance to be a good port.

Avatar image for noheartsniper

i know ill probably get bashed for it but why doesnt canadians ps3 owners get downloading or renting videos on the psn store/

Avatar image for dbpvivi

What is it with developers. They take one complete game and break up into smaller ones. Watchmen had about 4 hours of gameplay-6 if you watch everything.

Avatar image for czdesigns

Prince of Persia Epilogue was not released for PC, Red Faction Guerrilla PC got delayed, and now this? What next? No more Fallout3 DLC for PC? :(

Avatar image for popred

Turns out that they are releasing it after all but through digital download

Avatar image for rann89

They're not making the game for PC because no one would buy it. Making the game for PC would be a waste of money for both sides, lol.

Avatar image for HardCore_PC_Gmr

PC Gaming now and forever !.

Avatar image for stakex007

As much as I am a proponent for PC gaming, and think every game should come out for the PC (and consoles too, no need for exclusives)... Its a great thing they are keeping their POS game off our platform. There are plenty of good PC games coming out this year, and this is not something many PC gamers are going to care too much about. I do feel bad for thoes who liked the first one and will not be able to play the second, but I honestly can't see that being a whole ton of people.

Avatar image for bradford31

If you want to get some more third person brawling action while set in a dark alternate superhero world, you can rest easy (or not, as the case may be). Despite what other media outlets have reported, Big Download has confirmed with a Warner Bros. Interactive public relations rep that the second episode for the movie-based game Watchmen: The End is Nigh is indeed planned for a release for the PC via download. The initial announcement for the second episode did not specify if it was coming to the PC but now at least PC gamers who downloaded the first episode back in March won't be left hanging. The Warner Bros. Interactive PR rep would not say if both the first and second Watchmen game episode would be released as a combo retail product for the PC like the PS3 and XBox 360 versions will be in July. owned gayspot.

Avatar image for shade1978x

I'll be losing sleep over this. Not. There's a half dozen games coming out for the PC over the next few months I won't be able to afford to buy.

Avatar image for celebrity5858

ficha13- they published that exactly for ppl to react like you and buy a concole and then buy that game or buy that game for their concoles if they have any ^_^ and im sure there are ppl who will do that ~_~

Avatar image for StealthUS1

WOW what a damn shame *rolls eyes*

Avatar image for pureskull123

movie and game altogether sucked really bad, i wouldnt careless. but for those who did own a legal copy of part 1, they should get part 2 for the Pc.

Avatar image for ficha13

F, YOU! Why did you publish the first game in the first place if you weren't going to publish the rest! retards! i was really looking forward to the next episode

Avatar image for HercAnderson

Whatever..the game was a disappointment anyway.

Avatar image for Sam_2006

Yeah, like we care. There are plenty of great games coming out down the line, so this news is pointless.

Avatar image for necronaux

So all those that bought the DLC are screwed if they want the last chapter? I can see a retail version for those unfortunate enough not to be on line, but it's inexcusable that they don't have the final chapter available as a standalone DLC for those that already purchased TEIN.

Avatar image for warreni

This is really crappy for those of us who did enjoy the first part. The dev is just leaving us hanging.

Avatar image for SDMF_TrueBlue

As long as the director's cut plus episodic games doesn't cost $50 or $60 I might get it. I played the demo of episode 1 and enjoyed it, but it's not worth $20. And what were they thinking with the achievements ( 36, 36, 36, 15, 15, 11, 11, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8 )? Episode 2's achievements are the same. Don't they know most of us like to keep out ones digit a 5 or 0?

Avatar image for onikrulz

The thing is you all can check torrents, 360 games come even faster than pc games on torrents yet all developers choose to avoid pc games with their reasons being 'piracy'. 360 has equal rate of piracy or even more I do dare say Street Fighter IV was on torrents for 360 prior to 1 day after release. Developers do the coding on pcs and treat that same pc so badly nowadays. For console owners, you just buy a console, use it for 3 years, buy a newer console use it again for 3 years and repeat if necessary. I like consoles too no doubt consoles are good as well but developers musnt forget pc is the strongest and most convenient machine, easily upgradeable.

Avatar image for zako94

@STR33TFiR3 i am agree with you

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