Watch Zelda Music Performance on Stephen Colbert's Late Night TV Show

Watch through until the end to see an awkward handshake.


Last night's episode of The Late Show With Stephen Colbert featured a musical performance by The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses, Nintendo's touring orchestra dedicated to the adventure series. Watch the video below to see the group perform never-before-heard music from upcoming Nintendo 3DS game The Legend of Zelda: TriForce Heroes, as well as the main theme that you're surely familiar with.

It's a nice video, and the music of course is great. But the video's caption on YouTube may not sit well with everyone. It reads: "Rejoice, nerds! This is the music that awaits you in heaven." Also, be sure to stick through to the end to see an awkward handshake between Colbert and the symphony conductor.

TriForce Heroes launches on October 23, while the Symphony of the Goddesses tour is currently running across the US and Europe. The 2016 leg of the tour, Master Quest, was just announced this week. Check out the symphony's complete touring schedule here.

Zelda's appearance on The Late Show marks the third time video games have been represented on the program, following PewDiePie and No Man's Sky developer Sean Murray's appearances earlier in October.

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Wish they played more as this sounded incredible.

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meh, being called a nerd doesn't insult me much. great performance, almost makes me excited for Triforce Heroes ahah I still wish instead of that we had got A Link To the Past remake with Between Worlds engine.

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I tried to like Zelda. Played a few Zelda games. Meh. Got boring real fast. Flame shield on.

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@MasterTae: I am kinda the same way, maybe to a lesser extent but not too different. I didn't play them as a kid on NES/SNES, no idea why as I was into similar games like RPGs but maybe that's actually why since it's not much of an RPG, no turn-based combat which was the norm back then, etc. I used to have a friend who was very into Ocarina, played some of that but mostly watched others play it, never struck me as something I really wanted to play. In recent years I've tried some others, including the original, I also put a fair amount of time into Windwaker HD which didn't impress me too much but I probably would have completed it if not for losing my save, I certainly didn't like it enough to start over :).

So yeah, I have tried and put in some real time but they just don't hit me like they do so many others, maybe that's because I didn't grow up with them. When that friend played Ocarina I was already like maybe 20 :). I do have the upcoming one pre-ordered and I will give it a chance but I suspect I'll never complete it. I'm not excited about it but I am interested to see if they take in a totally new direction.

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@hystavito: Try Twilight Princess GameCube has the left handed Link, not like in Wii where he is right handed well the entire world is a mirror from GC version, or one of older 3D Zelda game on the N64 version with an emulator, also prolly there were some gamecube variations so you can play those on Dolphin.

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@hystavito: I have played the SNES versions and some gameboy ones, supposedly they were GREAT! I found them boring. The story is so trivial that makes me bored real fast.

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@MasterTae: I forgot to mention things like story and dialogue :). That kinda thing is so subjective, someone could (or will) argue I'm way off, but I feel like they suffer from the fact that they are created to be simple enough for very young players. It would be a lot more difficult to argue against that in terms of just the dialogue and other text found throughout the game, it's extremely simplified.

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No Saria's Song?? Oh COME ON!!!! >:(

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I'm really prone to getting chills down my spine with orchestral performances. This one activated my chill receptors 3 times.

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That handshake wasn't especially awkward. I've had worse.

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Zelda had my favorite music from a game. Great to see it getting the recognition it deserves!!!

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@lecev: Everyone flag this garbage

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Colbert bump ftw! Song is beautiful.

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Damn nice music! Still nowhere near the music produced by Final Fantasy though.