Watch what Star Citizen didn't get to show at PAX East

Stealth, spacewalking, and the lead-up to Star Citizen’s PAX East presentation.


Cloud Imperium Games has posted a video detailing the development time leading up to Star Citizen’s PAX East presentation, as well as some details we haven’t seen until today.

If you’re all caught up with what Chris Roberts showed on stage during his PAX East panel, you might want to skip to 23 minutes into the video. There you’ll see how to set up a match in Arena Commander, a closer look at the dogfighting, and how to use debris and stealth to set up a surprise attack. You’ll also get to see how and why you’d want to land your ship and float around in space with just your pilot.

If you haven’t seen the PAX East demo, it’s definitely worth a look. It shows off Arena Commander, an online multiplayer mode that will allow backers to test the dogfighting module before it’s released in 2015.

Last week, Star Citizen’s crowdfunding effort reached an amazing $42 million.

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