Watch Us Win It All In H1Z1's New Car Combat Mode, Auto Royale

The last car driving.

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Now Playing: Hunting For Some AutoRoyales in H1Z1's Newest Mode

H1Z1 was in early access for quite some time (starting in 2015) and went through many phases with its survival mode and battle royale mode. But the game recently launched with an official 1.0 version along with a brand new game mode called Auto Royale. Up to 120 players are grouped into teams of four that are stuck to a car for the entire match; there's one driver and three shooters with health, weapon, and gadgets scattered across the map. In true battle royale fashion, players are forced into ever-shrinking zones by a deadly circle until one team emerges victorious. We happened to be that team (just once).

In the video above, you can watch us find varying degrees of success and get to grips with all the game's quirks and features, but ultimately win it all. Throughout our time playing H1Z1's Auto Royale, we saw what the new mode had to offer as oil slicks, smoke screens, and land mines kept us on our toes. Ramps litter the map which cars can boost through to snag pickups, escape pursuing enemy cars, or just have a good time.

For more on H1Z1, you can read through our story on the game's full release and new Auto Royale mode. H1Z1 is a PC exclusive available on Steam; console versions were planned but development went on hiatus back in 2016. For more on battle royale games, you can check out our comparison of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and Fortnite: Battle Royale.

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