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Watch Us Play Switch's Creative New Game, Nintendo Labo

Here's a much closer look at Nintendo's unusual DIY title for Switch.

Nintendo has a lot of big titles lined up for the first half of 2018 as its new hybrid console, the Switch, heads into the second year of its life, but certainly the most unexpected is Nintendo Labo. Unveiled last month as a new "experience" for the Switch, Nintendo Labo isn't a video game in the traditional sense, but rather a suite of DIY projects that use the console and Joy-Cons in a variety of clever ways.

So far, Nintendo is releasing Labo in two distinct "kits," each of which includes an assortment of cardboard sheets, string, and other crafts that can be assembled into different peripherals--charmingly dubbed Toy-Cons--that interact with the included software. The first package, the Variety Kit, features five different Toy-Cons to make for use with a corresponding activity, while the Robot Kit comes with materials to assemble a cardboard backpack that lets you control an on-screen robot.

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Now Playing: Hands On With The Nintendo Labo

It certainly sounds like a bizarre concept on paper, and it may be difficult to fully wrap your head around how Nintendo Labo operates and why it's such a neat piece of software just from the trailer Nintendo shared earlier this month. While it remains to be seen if Labo will ultimately be worth picking up when it launches, most of our questions about the game were answered at a preview event this week in New York, which gave us our first opportunity to go hands-on with unique project.

In the video above, you can watch us assemble some Toy-Cons and play through the full range of activities from the Nintendo Labo Variety Kit: RC Car, Motorbike, Piano, House, and Fishing Rod. We also strapped on the Robot backpack and stomped around a virtual city as a giant robot, punching over buildings and transforming into a vehicle.

Both Nintendo Labo kits launch on April 20. The Variety Kit retails for $70 USD / £60 / $100 AUD, while the Robot Kit costs $80 USD / £70 / $120 AUD. We'll have more coverage of Nintendo Labo soon, but in the meantime, you can read more about Nintendo Labo here.


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Nintendo Labo: Toycon 01 Variety Kit

Nintendo Labo: Toycon 01 Variety Kit

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