Watch Trackmania Turbo's Intense New Gameplay Video

Check out some great-looking new gameplay.


Following up on last month's announcement of Trackmania Turbo, Ubisoft has released more than five minutes of new gameplay footage showcasing its upcoming racing game.

The video shows off more of Turbo's new Lagoon Rollercoaster environment, meant to be set in Southeast Asia. Most of it is just standard gameplay, so you can get a better feel for what the game is all about than in the E3 trailer that frequently showed camera angles that you'd never be playing from.

Turbo functions a lot like past Trackmania games. Rather than playing out like a standard racing game where you try to end up in first after a set number of laps, here you try to set the best lap time possible while racing alongside ghosts of other players. Restarts are instantaneous, allowing you to start right over without any fuss.

Checkpoints still work as they have in previous games, too, except that passing one changes the game's music. Braking has an effect on the music as well, muffling the sound in order to encourage you to hit the gas.

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As we heard previously, the game consists of 200 tracks over four environments, each of which is said to have its own "specific gameplay." There's also a track-builder tool that lets you share your creations online, and a co-op mode where two players coordinate to control a single vehicle. Both of these are shown in the second half of the video.

Turbo, unlike past games, which have mostly been available on PC, will be available for Xbox One and PS4 in addition to PC. It's due out on December 1 in North America and November 27 in Europe.

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