Watch Total War: Warhammer's Impressive Cinematic Trailer

First high fantasy game in the series officially announced; check out the reveal trailer here.


Total War: Warhammer, which was originally leaked in January and then teased in March, has been officially announced. Sega and The Creative Assembly on Wednesday released a cinematic announcement trailer for the turn-based strategy game, which teases "our rules have changed," referencing that this is the first high fantasy game in the series.

The video is narrated by British actor Steven Berkoff (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, A Clockwork Orange).

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What we do see is all manner of fantasy elements, including flying beasts, men wielding magic, orcs, dwarfs, goblins, and more. The game is in development at The Creative Assembly (Total War: Attila, Alien: Isolation) by way of a partnership with Warhammer license-holder Games Workshop.

In a press release, Sega said Total War: Warhammer will deliver "hundreds of hours" of gameplay--and two additional expansions will follow. Total War: Warhammer is the first in a three-part trilogy, Sega said, noting that two standalone installments--as well as further DLC packs--will be released later.

This all combines for the "single largest Total War experience ever," Sega said.

No release date for Total War: Warhammer has been announced, but the video ends by teasing that the game is "coming soon." Platforms include PC, Mac, and SteamOS.

Other new Total War games in development include Total War: Battles Kingdom and Total War: Arena.

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