Watch Titanfall's Frontier's Edge DLC in Action; Launches July 31

The second Titanfall map pack and fifth game update are just over a week away from release.


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Titanfall's second DLC pack is just over a week away from release. Developer Respawn Entertainment announced today that Frontier's Edge will arrive on July 31. You can check out the replay of a Respawn live stream showing it in action below.

Respawn noted during today's stream that we'll be getting patch notes next week for the next free game update, which will arrive alongside Frontier's Edge. Its biggest addition is the Black Market, an in-game store where you'll be able to purchase packs of burn cards, insignias for your Titan, XP boosts, and so on. These will be available in exchange for credits, a new currency being added that is earned by playing matches, completing daily challenges (another new addition), and selling burn cards. If this is beginning to sound like it's being added in order to offer microtransactions, worry not--credits can't be purchased with real-world money.

Other aspects of the next update include multi-GPU support on PC, a notification for when a flag carrier hops aboard your Titan, and various bug fixes.

As detailed earlier this month, Frontier's Edge--the second of three planned DLC packs--consists of three new maps: Dig Site, Haven, and Export. It's included in the $25 season pass, and will also be sold on its own for $10. As with the first map pack, Expedition, Frontier's Edge will launch first on Xbox One and PC, and sometime later on Xbox 360. This is due to the 360 version being developed by Bluepoint, rather than Respawn. In the case of Expedition, it was about a month's wait.

What do you think about the new map pack and game update? Let us know in the comments.

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