Watch This Outstanding Battlefield 1 Glitch Compilation Video

Gravity has no place when bugs strike.


Battlefield games have glitches like any other, but the recent Battlefield 1 alpha and beta tests provided even more opportunities for things to go awry.

A new compilation video published by YouTube user CrowbCat brings together several dozen clips from other players who ran into all manner of bugs and glitches. The video, hilariously titled "World War 1 seen through Battlefield," runs for only just over a minute, but there's an awfully wide range of things to see. Have a look:

There are people standing on top of moving horses, dead bodies flying through the air, a horse frozen in time, and a lot of other ridiculous incidents that we hopefully won't see in the full game. You can see the full list of video makers here.

Along with the assumed bug fixes, DICE today announced some of the changes it's implementing in the full game based on beta feedback. That includes tweaks to scoring in Conquest and balance adjustments for vehicles and weapons. We also learned the final PC specs.

Battlefield 1 launches on October 21, although there is a way to get your hands on it a few days sooner.

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