Watch This Jackass-Style GTA 5 Video

Go ahead, try this at home.


Using the new Rockstar Editor video tools for the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V, YouTuber Abstract Mode has created a funny movie inspired by the stunt-themed TV and movie series Jackass.

Watch as Trevor (of course it's Trevor) performs all manner of crazy stunts that Johnny Knoxville and Steve-O would get killed attempting if they tried them in real life. Abstract Mode is using an invincibility cheat here, too, so that's why Trevor doesn't die when he gets blindsided by a bus or mauled by a mountain lion.

This video is just the latest example that speaks to the creativity of the GTA V community. Check out the stories below to see some other epic creations.

GTA V was released for PC on Tuesday, April 14, quickly becoming the most played non-Valve game published on Steam, with more than 300,000 people playing the game simultaneously. Following the game's release, some fans reported that their Social Club accounts had been hijacked, but Rockstar maintains that the online service has not been compromised.

GameSpot's GTA V PC review praised the game's improved visuals and frame rate.

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