Watch This: Call Of Duty Warzone Players Blow Up Every Vehicle At Once, Crashing The Game

A team of 150 players worked together to blow up every vehicle on the map and crash the game--and it worked.


A determined group of Call of Duty: Warzone players worked together and successfully broke the game by blowing up nearly every vehicle on the map with a series of cluster strikes.

Streamer MarleyThirteen called upon 149 of his friends to enter a Warzone match and agree to a cease fire so they could attempt the feat. The idea was simple enough: gather every vehicle in the game, park them in close proximity, and then call in a series of cluster strikes to blow them up.

As MarleyThirteen covers in the video above, this was no easy task. On one occasion, someone called in a cluster strike too early and they had to start over. The players tried again, but failed because people were too reckless in parking their vehicles at the site. The bumping and crashing of vehicles led to some of them exploding, triggering a chain reaction.

On the successful attempt, everyone drove to the designated meeting place and parked in an orderly fashion to keep each vehicle intact and primed for the big show. Once every vehicle was in place, they called in cluster strikes and an epic explosion ensued. Not long after the vehicles start blowing up, the Warzone server crashes, presumably due to the chain reaction causing some kind of back-end issue that the game was not prepared for.

The whole video is a treat to watch, and it's just another example of Warzone's community pushing the game to its limit beyond what anyone could have expected.

According to a report, Activision itself is planning a scheduled demolition of Warzone's map. Sometime this spring, the studio is reportedly going to blow up Verdansk and replace it with a Black Ops-themed map as part of a shift that has been months in the making.

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