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Watch This Call Of Duty: Warzone Player Get Instant Karma In A Brutal Way

After downing their enemy in the final circle, the player attempted a finishing move--but it went badly.


A Call of Duty: Warzone player has been handed a brutal loss after attempting a slick finishing move, only to catapult themself off the map and to their death.

The instant karma moment was captured on the Warzone subreddit and you can watch it below (via GamesRadar). Here's how it went down: the final two players are facing off in the final circle, and one player goes down. The other attempts to conclude the match in style with a punishing finishing move, but the animation of the finisher propels the player into the sea and to their demise.

The downed player ends up winning when they certainly thought all hope was lost. It's a tough way to lose a match, but you have to admire the confidence to try the finishing move in the first place. It certainly would have been an epic way to end the match had it worked out.

This is yet another example of what makes Warzone so much fun to not only play but watch. These kind of unexpected watercooler moments are happening all the time, contributing to the idea that Warzone is a big sandbox full of endless possibilities and opportunities to become an action movie star.

Warzone has been a huge success for Activision, and the game has been growing and evolving all the time since its release a year ago this month. Activision is planning perhaps the biggest change ever for the game, as reports and rumors suggest the developer will set off a nuke in the game to overhaul the map with a Black Ops theme.

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