Watch This Bizarre Japanese Commercial for PS4's Tearaway

This is almost certain to be the strangest game ad you'll see today.


You might have thought the recent Japanese ad for Destiny: The Taken King was a bit unusual, what with it featuring a Destiny armor-wearing man screaming into a washing machine. Well, that's no longer the strangest game commercial of the month, as Sony has released a new one advertising the new PS4 version of Tearaway.

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The video features a woman wearing a safari outfit with a stoic expression on her face. She's shown playing in between shots of gameplay, and all the while a song is being sung about the game's unique control scheme. At one point, she sort of flies into the air; other times the camera seemingly lingers on her for too long, almost as if this were a Tim and Eric bit.

However strange the ad, Tearaway Unfolded--the name of the PS4 version of what was originally a Vita game--is a very good game. There's new content and reworked controls, and as the video shows, those with a PS4 camera can still see their own face floating in the sky.

For more on Unfolded, check out GameSpot's review.

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