Watch This Battlefield 1 PS4 vs. PS4 Pro Comparison Video

PS4 Pro players get a smoother, better-looking experience, apparently.


EA's Battlefield 1 is among the many games that support Sony's recently launched PlayStation 4 Pro console. But what kind of improvements can players expect on the new console?

Digital Foundry has posted an in-depth report that discusses this, while a comparison video (immediately below) shows off the game running on a PS4 and PS4 Pro. For its tests, Digital Foundry played side-by-side on each console in the same squad, with one player closely following the other.

The site found that the PS4 Pro version provides up to a 10-15 FPS advantage over the standard PS4. Obviously, Battlefield 1's gameplay is very dynamic, as players control when buildings come crashing down and more, so not every sequence is the same in terms of performance. However, the site concluded that Battlefield 1 sticks closer to its 60 FPS target on PS4 Pro than the regular PS4. Looking at graphics, the PS4 Pro version has a resolution advantage over the PS4, with better textures, effects, and terrain details. These improvements are apparent on both 4K and 1080p screens, apparently.

A smoother and more visually rich experience could in theory give PS4 Pro players an advantage over people playing on a standard PS4. EA has not yet addressed this.

Battlefield 1's massive Fall update came out on November 15--it made a series of changes across the entire game, spanning maps, weapon balance, and more. See the full patch notes here.

Released in October, Battlefield 1 became the biggest launch in developer DICE's history based on the number of daily active players. The exact number was not disclosed, but we do know that players spent a collective 59 million hours in-game. You can see more statistics here.

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Random question, say if i were to upgrade to a PS4 Pro, i downloaded BF1 onto my original PS4. Can that game be transferred to my PS4 Pro?

Avatar image for CrusaderForever

@donjuancorleone: Yes, you can transfer from PS4 to PS4 Pro with a CAT5 network cable. I guess the transfer is pretty fast as well depending on how much you have on the OG PS4.

Avatar image for aross2004

@sellingthings: LOL! Everyone was ragging on the games that had minimal improvements on the PS4 Pro, and still can't find anything good to say when a game obviously benefits from it not only in the graphics department, but framerate as well.

So very typical...

Avatar image for CrusaderForever

@sellingthings: They doubled the GPU power, but not the CPU.

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"These improvements are apparent on both 4K and 1080p screens, apparently."

But is it apparent?

Meanwhile on PC this game was supposed to deliver HDR compatibility but it is still not working. HDR is still a console exclusive feature.

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@girlusocrazy: news flash, 10 bit on PC is HDR!

Avatar image for girlusocrazy

@masscrack: Show me a single app/game on PC with 10-bit HDR support

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Wow, slow day for news today?

PS4 Pro players get a smoother, better-looking experience, apparently.

No shit!

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Like a pc how, many gamer play at different FPS 60 to 250 FPS.

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PS4 Pro is actually a true 1080p console, but even then it struggles to hit 60fps. 4k no way. Scorpio will definitely be the better console but even still, console hardware isn't making the same leaps and bounds it used to.

Avatar image for edinko

@Phazevariance: the CPU is pathetic in all of them. They made the mistake to put in the same shitty mobile level CPU. It will create huge bottlenecks and problems. The bigger the game world the worse it will be.

Avatar image for jerjef

@sellingthings: TF is not enough of a metric to compare by. The pro is still struggling with framerate at 1080p res. The machine has a bottleneck somewhere.

Avatar image for kopesettik

@jerjef: CPU...

Just like with PC, if you put too powerful a GPU in, and you have a weak CPU, your GPU has to constantly wait for your CPU to finish calculations before it can draw the next object, basically, and bottlenecking the system. If you've ever looked at GPU utilization on something like Afterburner, and you are getting horrible frame rates and you see your CPU is through the roof, but you plateau at under 60% GPU utilization(a literal straight line across the graph, for instance), this is what is likely happening. And that's what the Pro faces, I would think. Your system is only as fast as it's weakest component. Even memory can be a bottleneck.

Newby PC builders fall into this all the time; going cheap on the memory, board, and/ or CPU, and going big on the GPU.

Your mainboard must match the memory controller speeds that your CPU and RAM do, or your board is the bottleneck. Your CPU and RAM should match in this way as well, even if your plan is to get there, via, overclock....but your CPU has to be able to keep up with your GPU and be ready to issue draw calls on demand. Lots of places for bottlenecks.

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@sellingthings: This is one of the reasons why 3rd party ports work so well on one, but not the other. Using wrappers and not coding at the metal causes overhead and performance issues. This is why I'm very interested in MS's answer for the Scorpio. Instead of making Xbox One games work on it, they're going to be using the universal platform model and have the PC versions run on it instead. They support more hardware variations whereas X1 games were written for the X1.

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@sellingthings: I think you're misunderstanding what I'm saying. In it's current form, the PS4 Pro requires a patch to work. Based on what I've read, the Scorpio is essentially going to be a PC that's running the X1 dashboard meaning that it'll run the PC versions of the games instead requiring no extra work from the devs, ie. patching orig. X1 games. This combined with utilizing DX12 should alleviate that.

Avatar image for itchyflop

@jerjef: so with respect its a PC then?

Direct X is the gaming software for PC transferred to a console base (that nearly didn't happen if Bill Gates hadn't have seen the potential eventually) thats why its called "X" box.

My point, why not just buy a PC?

Avatar image for WhoIsTheDrizzle

Remember when these comparison articles used to always be about Xbox One and PS4? Guess they stopped getting clicks.

Avatar image for joshrmeyer

@7tizz: So you're not getting a scorpio then?

Avatar image for Jew1

honestly ps4 looks better than ps4 pro IMO

Avatar image for dirthurts

"PS4 Pro players get a smoother, better-looking experience, apparently."

Well sweet revelation.

Avatar image for livedreamplay

PS4 Pro players get a better experience? Really? It's as if they have the PS4 Pro. :-O

Avatar image for Pyrosa

For FPSes, I'll always prefer more frames than effects. When you're playing at a high level in MP, you genuinely don't give a crap about the number of particle effects or god rays, etc. -- but some basic shadows are certainly helpful. :D

Avatar image for Klevmore

"A smoother and more visually rich experience could in theory give PS4 Pro players an advantage over people playing on a standard PS4. EA has not yet addressed this."

Give players an option to turn down graphic quality in favor of FPS. Problem solved. Derp.

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@Klevmore: They don't give the option but that's usually what they do, they give up on graphics quality for fps when it comes to multiplayer.

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@sellingthings: Not BS at all, they tried it at PS4 and couldn't achieve it, so the frames are around 50, however for PS4 Pro they are locked at 60... Titanfall 2 60fps, Star Wars Battlefront constant 60fps, and so on. They go for the eye candy at sp, where they don't even bother and lock at 30.

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@livedreamplay: Frame rate is not locked at 60 for PS4 Pro. It drops down to low 50s and high 40s under the most demanding moments. But it does have an average of about 10-15 more frames on average than the original ps4. Infamous Second Son and Tomb Raider do it right by giving you the options to have better visuals or better frame rate. This is how ALL games should be.

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