Watch This Awesome Metroid Live-Action Fan Movie

Metroid: The Sky Calls.


A new fan-made Metroid film has been released, and it looks pretty great. From production company Rainfall Films comes Metroid: The Sky Calls, a 12-minute live-action short film that focuses on Samus Aran as she explores deep space and mysterious alien transmissions. Watch the video below.

As you'll immediately notice, the video sports a retro look; that's by design.

"Instead of using a modern approach, [director Sam Balcomb] chose to incorporate a style more in tune with the types of films that inspired the first Metroid game in 1986, favoring exploration and isolation over action spectacle," reads a line on the movie's website. "Techniques including VHS transfers and custom scanned 16mm film stock were implemented to give the short its retro look."

The Sky Calls also has its own original score that takes inspiration from the works of frequent Ridley Scott collaborator Jerry Goldsmith and Titanic composer James Horner. The sound design, meanwhile, is meant to "evoke both sci-fi classics and the video game's iconic universe."

Starring as Samus is games media veteran Jessica Chobot, while stunts were preformed by America Young. She also did stuntwork for the recently released Halo 5: Guardians.

The Sky Calls was produced without the support or participation of Nintendo. The movie clearly makes use of the Metroid property, but Rainfall says The Sky Calls is a non-profit project. This isn't Rainfall's first video game movie, either, as the company was also behind the April Fools' Legend of Zelda movie trailer from 2008.

For its part, Nintendo recently said it is open to the idea of working with Hollywood studios to make movies out of its video game franchises.

The next Metroid game, Metroid Prime Federation Force, was announced at E3 2015. It's the first new game in the series after a five-year hiatus following the release of Metroid: Other M on Wii in 2010. Federation Force launches for Nintendo 3DS in 2016.

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