Watch This Amazing Time-Lapse of Wittness Development

YouTube video shows the progress Jonathan Blow's latest game has made over the past five years.


Braid developer,Jonathan Blow has been working on his next game for quite some time. As The Witness inches closer to release, it's worth taking a minute to look back on just how far the game has come over the past five years.

Independent game designer and blogger, Matthew VanDevander, collected various screenshots for the island on which The Witness takes place. The results are stunning, and show that even though it's been several years, the game's made quite a bit of progress--at least graphically.

Blow hasn't announced a solid release date yet, but earlier this year we reported the 677 puzzles that will appear in the final game have been locked in. At the time, Blow said that there was still plenty more work to be done, but for those eager for release "this is pretty good news."

GameSpot got a chance to try out the latest build last June and we quite liked it.

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