Watch These Destiny Players Clear the Vault of Glass Raid in 37 Minutes

Game's first raid cleared in what appears to be record time.


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A group of Destiny players have cleared the game's first raid, Vault of Glass, in what they claim is a record time. As you can see in the video above, a team of five high-level Hunters and one Warlock finished the mission in about 37 minutes. It's an impressive feat to watch.

The first team to clear Vault of Glass needed more than 10 hours to do so. It stands to reason that clear times would get better and better over time as players build out new strategies, but how much faster than 37 minutes do you think we're going to see for Vault of Glass?

My Guardian is only a lowly level 11 currently, so I haven't yet had a chance to take a stab at it. If you have, let us know what you thought of Vault of Glass in the comments below!

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