Watch These Amazing GTA 5 Semi-Truck Stunts

Now this is impressive.


YouTube's BlackSmokeBilly, who brought us this montage of amazing Grand Theft Auto V truck stunts, is back with his latest video. This is one of the more impressive semi-truck stunt videos we've ever seen. Even if it does involve a little modding, it's darn impressive what he's able to pull off.

Watch as BlackSmokeBilly performs some epic stunts in a semi-truck. Using a C4 nuke mod, he's able to launch the trailer through the air over obstacles and land it safely back on the big rig. My goodness.

To make it happen, BlackSmokeBilly used the "nuke" mode to create ultra-powerful C4 capable of propelling the trailer so high in the air. He also uses an invincibility mod to keep himself from blowing up. In addition, the weight of the trailer was changed to just 10 grams.

For more on these amazing semi-truck stunts, watch the video below to see them from different angles.

GTA V's latest update, released last week, added Freemode Events to GTA Online. The update also introduced the Rockstar Editor to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for the very first time.

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