Watch The Trailer For Dark Side Of The Ring Episode 2, Exploring New Jack's Career

The hardcore wrestler from ECW has his past explored in the Vice TV series.


Vice's TV series Dark Side of the Ring explores the stories within the world of wrestling that involve disturbing elements including death. The first episode of the second season told the story of Chris Benoit--the wrestler who killed his family and himself, and you can watch it here. Episode 2 will tell the story of New Jack, one of the world's most violent performers.

For anyone familiar with New Jack, you know he is intense and extremely violent. He brought weapons to the ring, but it wasn't an intimidation tactic. He planned on using them every single time. However, this was more than just hitting another person with a chair. New Jack took things to the extreme, including actually stabbing people in the ring. Check out the trailer for the latest episode of the Vice TV show, which will air on Tuesday, March 31.

New Jack made his debut in 1992 in the United States Wrestling Association. He got his ringname from the the movie New Jack City. In '93, he met and began teaming with Mustafa Saed in North Georgia Wrestling Alliance as the duo The Gangstas. The two ended up in ECW, where they won the Tag Team Championships on two occasions. New Jack went on to a singles career, where he ramped up the violence in his act, creating some exceptionally memorable moments.

While ECW eventually went under, New Jack continued his career XPW and TNA, and he retired in 2013. However, the retirement didn't last too long, as he returned to the ring in 2016. While this is just scratching the surface of his career, Dark Side of the Ring will undoubtedly go in-depth into the ultra-violent career of the wrestler.

Dark Side of the Ring airs on Vice TV on Tuesdays at 10 PM.

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