Watch The Sopranos’ Opening Credits Sequence Meticulously Recreated in GTA 5

You woke up this morning, got yourself a gun.


A group of machinima creators called 8-Bit Bastard have recreated HBO’s The Sopranos opening credits by capturing footage from Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto V.

As you can see by comparing the video above to the original below, it’s a meticulous, close to shot-for-shot remake, and it’s especially impressive since it was made with Grand Theft Auto V. That game takes place in the Los Angeles-inspired Los Santos, as opposed to The Sopranos-appropriate New York and New Jersey-inspired Liberty City from Grand Theft Auto IV.

It’s all made with footage captured in-game, but with the help of at least one special effect. “Recreating The Sopranos intro in GTAV was pretty time-consuming, but a lot of fun,” 8-Bit Bastard said in the video’s description. “It was also our first experience using green screen (you can't smoke in the car while it's moving)!”

You can watch the rest of 8-Bit Bastards creations, including their own version of Skyfall’s train scene on their YouTube channel.

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