Watch: The Other Secret Far Cry 4 Ending Discovered... or is It?

[Some marked spoilers] YouTuber finds way to interrupt the game's closing cinematic.

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If you've already discovered Far Cry 4's wonderful secret ending, you'll probably be invested enough in the game to already know that, somewhere, out there, a second secret ending exists.

The game's creative director, Alex Hutchinson, confirmed two weeks ago that GameSpot had discovered the game's first secret ending, found just moments into the game, which allows players to reach the credits within about fifteen minutes.

But he also disclosed on his Twitter feed that the game contains what he describes is a "super secret" alternate ending that "creates a whole new mini-location".

First of all; more games should do this.

Secondly, it looks like that second alternative ending has now been discovered, and it exists at the very end of the game. Major spoiler: After confronting Pagan, following the assault on his fortress, you're given the option to shoot him or not. Should you decline, Pagan will sit with you and reveal more interesting details about his back-story and character. He'll then fly off in a chopper.

Major spoiler: However, you can at this point launch a rocket at the helicopter, which, if struck, will crash nearby. That crash site, it is suspected, is the new mini-location that Hutchinson was referring to. Here, you can loot Pagan's body to find, among other things, his prized gold pen.

However, it's not absolutely certain that this is the secret alternative ending that Hutchinson was referring to. The developer has not explicitly stated on his Twitter feed that this is what he previously was referring to, and some gamers are continuing their search.

Check out the second secret ending in the video below, as discovered by the YouTuber xGarbett.

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