Watch the New Gravity Rush Anime That Bridges the First and Second Games

Gravity Rush 2 arrives in a few weeks.


As promised, a new Gravity Rush anime has arrived just after Christmas. It stars Kat, the protagonist of the games, and connects the story of 2012's Gravity Rush with that of the upcoming Gravity Rush 2.

Gravity Rush: Overture (The Animation) is now available in full for free on YouTube. It's split into two parts; you can watch them both through the embeds below. They run for a total of just over 17 minutes.

Overture was announced earlier this year as a means for filling in the gap between the two games. It was produced by Studio Khara, which previously worked on the Evangelion series and contributed to the Persona 4 and Halo Legends anime.

Gravity Rush 2 was previously set to launch this month, but in October, Sony announced a delay to January 2016. As an apology, Sony plans to offer a DLC pack for free that takes the form of an "additional story" in the game's world.

The original Gravity Rush was released in 2012 for Vita. It was then ported to PS4 earlier this year in the form of Gravity Rush Remastered, which was one of GameSpot's top five reissued games of 2016. Gravity Rush 2 launches exclusively for PS4 on January 20 in North America and the UK, and January 18 in Australia and Europe. You can check out a demo on the PlayStation Store now.

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