Watch the Lightsaber vs Halo Energy Sword Fight Finally Get Settled

"Ultimate Gun Game."


The folks behind the Corridor Digital YouTube channel have taken the Gun Game concept to the next level.

Their latest video is called "Ultimate Gun Game" and it certainly lives up to the name. The movie blends live-action with CG to great effect, cycling through various weapons throughout gaming history. It ends with a final showdown between a Halo Energy Sword and a Star Wars lightsaber. We won't spoil the result.

The production values are slick. It's not just traditional weapons on display here, but also the Mario Fire Flower, Mega Man's Mega Buster (complete with pixelated artillery), a magic wand from Harry Potter, and an especially cool sequence with the Portal gun. Oh, and for a brief moment, the man fights with a spoon.

The concept of Gun Game is that, for every kill you get, you upgrade to a better weapon. We're not sure a spoon and fork would rank so highly, but this video was never that serious to begin with.

Corridor Digital was also behind the stunning Grand Theft Auto V video that compared the game to real-world Los Angeles. You can see more of the production company's videos on its YouTube page.

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