Watch The Justice League Assemble In New Trailer Teasers [UPDATE 3]

Bolder United.


Update 3: We also now have teaser videos centered around Wonder Woman and Cyborg. Check them out:

There's also a new poster:

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Finally, we got characters poster for both Wonder Woman and Cyborg, which you'll find along with the others in the gallery above.

Update 2: Now it's The Flash's turn for a teaser video:

His poster can be seen in the gallery above.

Update: Another teaser has now been released, this one featuring Batman. There's also a poster showing his new suit to go along with it, which you'll find above.

A new trailer for the DC team-up Justice League is due this weekend. In advance of that, a short teaser focusing on Aquaman has been released--check it out below:

Aquaman also features on a new poster, which you can see at the end of this story.

Justice League stars Ben Affleck as Batman, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, Jason Momoa as Aquaman, Ezra Miller as Flash, and Ray Fisher as Cyborg. The movie releases on November 17 and also features Henry Cavill as Superman, Amber Heard as Mera, JK Simmons as Commissioner Gordon, and Ciaran Hinds as the villainous Steppenwolf.

Justice League is the second DC movie to be due out in 2017. Wonder Woman hits theaters in June, with Aquaman set to be released next year.

Beyond that however, the studio has no further movies scheduled. The Flash was originally set to arrive in 2018 but is currently without a release date or a director, while The Batman is not expected to start shooting until next year.

Nevertheless, it was recently reported that DC is keen to get another move into production this year, potentially the Suicide Squad spin-off Gotham City Sirens, Green Lantern Corps, or Dark Universe.

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Avatar image for bobloblaw

Wow, this looks bad....

There's a cartoon movie on netflix that does a better job than this (and it's not great).

Avatar image for putaspongeon

Cyborg looks like the most boring thing ever.

Avatar image for DustbusterGF

a bit more color pls.

story is pretty much 25% JL:War. meet characters, team up, search for boomtubes, find tube. evil first wave shows up.

They win second wave shows up movie ends. JL 2 next year.. Lord of the ring style trilogy.

"return of the king darkside"... whatever more color pls.

Avatar image for doubtless1

@DustbusterGF: I see plenty of vibrant colors, its not like this is a marvel movie with zero contrast and washed out concrete gray everywhere.

Avatar image for nparks

Where's Green Lantern? How can you have a Justice League without a Green Lantern? And a Martian Manhunter?

Avatar image for RedWave247

@nparks: Cyborg took Martian Manhunter's place on the team since the New 52 relaunch.

Avatar image for PrpleTrtleBuBum

@nparks: They have a pile of random faces as it is, unless they managed to get Reynolds to be the Lantern again.

Avatar image for ShepardCommandr

BvS 2.0 incoming

Oh well at least the costumes look cool.

Afleck's costume is sick,probably the best batman costume i have ever seen.

Avatar image for Metalnoid

The best super hero movie

Avatar image for frank_castle

@Metalnoid: lolz

Avatar image for marctheheretic

Titans fans have complained to DC about Cyborg's history with the team being erased and making him the most bland core member of the Justice League since New 52 and now we get it again in film. Honestly that's the kind of thing that tells me they don't care what fans want and if it's for the sake of diversity why not use one of the other characters from your massive roster? Black Lightning, Mr. Terrific, Martian Manhunter (human form), or maybe just add more women like Fire and Ice, Big Barda, Black Canary, the list goes on and on.

Avatar image for PrpleTrtleBuBum

@marctheheretic: Eh, filling the team with names only hardcore comic readers could know actually sounds something like DC could do. And then wonder why no one cares about the movie.

Cyborg has already been pushed a bit. Jumping all over wouldn't make any sense either. Like 2 wrongs don't make a right and so on. Plus Cyborg is the R2-D2 of this team.

Avatar image for marctheheretic

@PrpleTrtleBuBum: Most people didn't know who Iron Man, Captain America, and Marvel's version of Thor were when those movies came out but look at what happened. It wouldn't matter if people are being introduced to Vixen, Hawkgirl, or John Stewart for the first time if DC gets whatever their trying to do right and the marketing works it should be a big success. Besides everyone knows who the rest of the team is and Flash has a big show on CW and Wonder Woman's film comes out first.

Avatar image for niv0070

@marctheheretic: People did know about Iron Man and Captain America... Dr. Strange and Black Panther would have been a better example..

Avatar image for marctheheretic

@niv0070: I really doubt most people knew about them. At most they had a few memories of T-shirts, cartoons, or comic book covers. At least X-Men and Spider-Man had big cartoons just a few years before their first movies but it took a long time for the main Avengers roster.

Avatar image for Mogan

I hope it's good. I want it to be good. I just don't think it's going to be good.

Avatar image for HenrySix

hi i'm from the future. this movie is bad. you've been warned.

Avatar image for scottyp360

The change to batman's costume just seems unnecessary. A silver chest plate for a superhero that typically fights at night and uses the shadow to hide? Doesn't really make sense.

Cgi for cyborg looks a bit iffy. They could be cleaned up before the movie though.

Flash and aquaman looked pretty good.

Avatar image for dngdangerous

Flash Effect: Andromeda

Avatar image for PrpleTrtleBuBum

Not Stronger united?

Avatar image for nparks

@PrpleTrtleBuBum: Bolder! Braver! Faster! Wonder...ier? Chest glowier?

Avatar image for louixiii

The hate for this movie is astounding. I honestly didn't think MoS or BvS were bad movies. They weren't on Marvel's level but they weren't utter crap either. I'll give this one a chance.

Avatar image for Mogan

@louixiii: "I honestly didn't think MoS or BvS were bad movies."

And that's how we know you're a lizard man, from the center of the earth.

Avatar image for louixiii

@Mogan: LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and @videogameninja made my day today. I am not a lizard man (which is something my great grandmother used to tell stories of), I just didn't think they were all that bad. What I consider bad is The Dragon Ball movie or even worse (and you might have to look this one up Mogan)...a movie called Shrunken Heads xD

Now THAT...was a bad movie

Avatar image for videogameninja


Oh dragon Ball: evolution.


Probably one of the worst movies to ever grace the silver screen. A total insult to fans of not only the series but the entire anime/Manga genre.

I think Team 4 star put it best…

-“America’s biggest insult to Japanese culture since Hiroshima!”-


Avatar image for louixiii

@videogameninja: My little brother was so hype for that movie. I told him months ahead that it was going to suck but he wouldn't listen. He left the theater so mad and disappointed.

I laughed my a** off which pissed him off even more xD



Avatar image for Gary_Stanton

@louixiii: The one and only thing I didn't like about BvS was they introduced Doomsday so soon. Doomsday was a "final boss" type of villain that would take the entire Justice League to defeat - and even then there would be no guarantee of success. Should've saved him for a much later film.

Avatar image for louixiii

@Gary_Stanton: I definitely understand that. I had the first comic/novel of Superman dies so I know what you mean. I think he was introduced too early too...same for Darkseid but I think they're introducing another baddie instead of him for this film

Avatar image for frank_castle

After the massive mounds of shit that were Man of Steel, BvS and Suicide Squad...I have no idea how anyone could be legitimately excited for this.

DC/WB don't seem to know their ass from their elbow.

They screwed up bigtime by keeping that hack Zack Snyder around for this.

Avatar image for Phazevariance

The issue here is that DC has chosen to introduce flash, cyborg, aquaman, and more in this movie rather then putting in the time to make their own intro movies first, then unite them. What that means is that most of these characters will have little to no character development because there will be no focus on them individually otherwise they won't be able to progress the movies main storyline. It's got "mess" written all over it, another BvS incoming.

Avatar image for gamefiasco

@Phazevariance: Well they would need approximately 3 years of superhero movies (based on their schedule to make 2 movies a year) and 1 or 2 years to make JLA. Till then anything can happen and tbh DC is known with their animated series and DCAU (animated universe) which people did watch and know one or two things about the characters. The problem is that we don't have the hype we had for avengers because we never imagined to have so many heroes uniting/assembling (call it however you want :D) prior to their origin movies in one movie which was something interesting to see. (excluding X-men) But still i think that DC has the most famous heroes and most famous team in the face of JLA which fans were soooo eager to see as a movie so the hype is as big as avengers but not that impactful.

Avatar image for dngdangerous

@Phazevariance: ^Bingo!

They should have split BvS into multiple GOOD movies...

And slowly hashed out each hero first!

Slowly milk the franchise!

If they did multiple good movies instead, I would happily throw my money at the theaters!

Avatar image for PrpleTrtleBuBum

@Phazevariance: They missed the train when Marvel did that. Of course DC wants to rush to get to the same spot and not seem to be 10 years behind. JL fighting Darkseid at the same time as Avs face Thanos

History repeating itself

Avatar image for HenrySix

i'm from the future. this movie is bad. you have all been warned.

Avatar image for el_swanno

What worries me most about these teasers is the Big Loud Text now reads "Unite the League" rather than "Unite the Seven" as it did with the very first Justice League poster. Does this mean they're not going to have a seventh JL member? There were rumours, mostly from fanboys, that Nightwing may have been the seventh character but I think WB are probably more in favour of Green Lantern.

Every change made to this franchise screams that there's problems behind the scenes. When Ben Affleck says he'd rather go the alcohol rehab than direct a Batman movie you know there's something wrong.

Avatar image for kanekan-slaugh

@el_swanno: Watch the movie and find out

Avatar image for nparks

Is Bat-Punisher mowing down a parademon with those machine guns?

Avatar image for Jag-T1000

Definitely will watch this. It's gonna be awesome!!!!!

Avatar image for s0ldier69

idk I still think Ben's batman looks badass and I wish they would let him write and direct the Batman solo movie.

Avatar image for Greyfox-101

@s0ldier69: They were going to let him, but he chose to back out of directing. Probably because that production wasn't going anywhere fast, and he knows JL will be crap

Avatar image for Alecmrhand

The are getting it all wrong but they have known that for a while now.

Zack Snyder's vision isnt.....well, interesting or thought out. Add that to the rush job they are doing with DC trying to play catch up with Marvel even though Marvel spent the time and energy to make sure they got it all right.

I dont care about any of these characters enough to want a Justice League movie, yet. And why are they getting a 60's rock band to be the bad guy?

I heard Wonder Woman's movie is a mess and that was the one side film i had hope for......

Its just a mess, but enough money keeps rolling in to allow them to get away with the lowest quality product possible.

So glad Spiderman is with Marvel.

Avatar image for Greyfox-101

@Alecmrhand: The DCEU has potential to be interesting, they just can't execute it. The idea of how would the world react if a being like Superman fell from the sky is interesting, the idea of Batman (old and weathered) being fearful of this being is interesting, but the problem is they can't make a movie without terrible dialogue, nonsensical plot, and over-reliance on CGI.

Avatar image for darthrevenx

@Alecmrhand: Wonder Woman will be good......I've only heard that the plot was leaked....

Marvel worked out a special deal with Sony Pictures to allow Spidey to be in the MCU.....basically Marvel had to split profits from Spidey merch 50/50 and we'll see about 6 appearances from Spiderman in MCU so I'm guessing 3 solo outings and 3 team films....sounds about right......they wouldn't wanna waste it on a post credits cameo....

but on DCEU I agree, it's a mess......

Avatar image for louixiii

I got to admit...I'm liking these teasers xD

Avatar image for ahpuck

I'll reserve judgment for now, but considering DC's resent run, I'm not holding my breath.

Avatar image for joeharamatheo

this really couldn't be any further from the tone of the justice league. wtf is the point of an ip if it's not even going to be represented in your movie? do you like to waste money and look foolish?

i mean, it's zack snyder, so i suppose you can't avoid looking foolish *sucks spit back through mouth sides*

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