Watch the Epic Destiny Dark Below DLC Opening Cinematic

"Six of us went down into the pit. Only one crawled out."

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With an epic trailer worthy of Blizzard, the opening cinematic for Destiny's Dark Below DLC has leaked online.

The poster, MrJester6598, wrote in the description: "This is the opening cinematic for the Dark Below DLC out next month. I can not explain how to get access to this video on the game as it was due to an error that i was able to see this."

At the end of last month, Bungie released some official screenshots from the expansion, and players sifting through the game's recent patch data to uncover information on upcoming multiplayer modes and exotic gear. The Dark Below is set to launch on December 9.

What do you think? Are you still playing Destiny, or is this teaser enough to bring you back in if you've quit?

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