Watch the Elite: Dangerous Launch Trailer

Frontier Developments releases the big Gamma 2.00 update.


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Frontier Developments has released a launch trailer for its space sim Elite: Dangerous.

Notably, this is the first trailer for the game that doesn't feature any actual gameplay, instead showing off a pre-rendered space battle that is probably much more fast-paced and bombastic than anything you'll experience in the game. For a good laugh, check out the parody of the launch trailer posted to Reddit by YouTube user [RPS] Jaguar Skills.

If you want to watch actual gameplay, we have no shortage of those videos as well.

Frontier Developments also released the sizeable Gamma 2.00 update to the game alongside the trailer, which adds more ships, route planning, slavery missions, and a very long list of tweaks and fixes which you can read in full on the developer's official forums.

Elite: Dangerous will release on December 16. For more on the game, check out GameSpot's previous coverage.

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