Watch the Canceled Star Wars Wii Game's Lightsaber Duels and Trench Run

Factor 5's canceled Star Wars game wouldn't have lacked for variety.


Footage has emerged of the canceled Star Wars game for Wii from Factor 5, showcasing the game's lightsaber fighting and much more.

We recently learned about a number of canceled Star Wars projects that were in the works at Factor 5, best known for the Star Wars: Rogue Squadron series. This included a Wii collection originally intended for release on Xbox that brought together the Rogue Squadron games (including Rogue Leader and Rebel Strike) and added new content. Two videos of this collection have been shared with IGN by an anonymous source, which you can watch above and below.

The video above highlights the variety of things you'd be doing in the game--a Death Star trench run, taking down AT-ATs, and so on. Based on what we see, the game certainly wouldn't have been lacking for variety.

The video below focuses on the lightsaber duels, which are extremely reminiscent of the sword play minigame in Wii Sports Resort. In a sequence that would make some LucasArts exec's head explode, considering all games are now canon, these duels include a fight against Darth Vader, who ends up frozen in carbonite, Han Solo-style.

Lightsaber gameplay would be made possible through the use of the then-new Wii Remote Plus technology. Other areas of the game would offer control schemes that used other peripherals, like a Wii Wheel/Wii balance board combination for flying an X-Wing.

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What am I looking at? Sega Genesis 32x? This looked terrible.

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it looked fun. I like red steel 2 on wii the motion control is very comfortable then ps Move.

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This screams Star Wars arcade imo. Damn I miss that game ;_;

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this game looks pretty cool i probably wud of bought it

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"In a sequence that would make some LucasArts exec's head explode, considering << LINK REMOVED >>, these duels include a fight against Darth Vader, who ends up frozen in carbonite, Han Solo-style."

This sentence baffles me. Actually, it's all FUTURE games are now canon. This game would have come out before the present, right? So no this would not have been canon. No heads would therefore have exploded.

In fact I see that the article you link to, where this is spelled out explicitly in the headline, was actually written by yourself. So you can't remember your own article's headline? Even when linking straight to it. Oh dear.

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It's a shame this never saw release.

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Who thought not releasing that for Wii was a good idea? Lets see; massive install base, star wars franchise, nearly finished. That's a no brainer isn't it? They must really not like money or have execs who have Bantha Poodoo for brains?

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<< LINK REMOVED >> GFC happened. Factor 5 and Lucasarts went bust.

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It is sad that the old GameCube stuff looks visually better than the new Wii content.

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So let me get this straight. This game and 1313 get canned, but Kinect Star Wars gets released? I mean......HUH?!?!

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I was most excited for 1313. I hope Disney and EA have enough brains to bring back some of these games. At least they have Battlefront in the works.

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1313 and now this leaked footage of a game that could have made it. Stop cancelling GOOD Star Wars games! For crying out loud! Granted, the graphict capabilities of the Wii are meager but the gameplay would have more than made up for that. Hell, I would have played that on my kids Wii!

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im sorry but the comments below just dont get what this post it trying to explain, and im not going to explain it to you dumb asses. work it out for yourselves if you can, lol.

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Those videos are of Horrid quailty compressed to high hell

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This would have been news 6 years ago really what is the point of digging this up now and calling it news? Probably another Kickstarter scam in the works.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Stop being cynical. A few things: The game is already finished. If they wanted to release it, they wouldn't need a KS campaign, because the game is done. Secondly, Lucasarts owns it. But they are now defunct and can't release anything. Factor 5 cannot release the game because they don't own it.

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Except half the content in the vid is from Star Wars Rogue Squadron 2: Rogue Leader on Game Cube and it even looked better in the game than in the vid. The only parts they seem to have added are the speed bikes/ At-ST and light-saber stuff. Everyone should check out Rogue Squadron 2 on game cube,that games a masterpiece and still looks amazing­.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> The speeder bikes and AT-ST parts were in RS 3, however the lightsaber duels were not.

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Only a Factor Five Star Wars game can make me want motion controls this badly again. It looked buggy as hell and (obviously) unpolished, but I would have still put myself through that hell for this game.

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Looks pretty fucking terrible.

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A gamespot article with a link to an IGN article. That amused me.

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When you think about all the shovelware the Wii was notorious for, it's incomprehensible that this game was never released. Do they just hate money?

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<< LINK REMOVED >> lol.

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d'fuq. That didn't look half bad.

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Wow, this actually looks good. Why not finish good, potential and entertaining projects?! :D

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Instead, we got the Force Unleashed and Star Wars Kinect. LucasArts made a lot of bad decisions.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Force Unleashed a good star wars game.It has some flaws, but still a kick ass game, unless you just don't like star wars..

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So much epicness in such short trailers... what a shame...

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Game companies get stupider and stupider every year. No wonder so many close down every year. Is it really that hard to make good decisions?

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I want a game that is 100% about dueling with the Wii-mote.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> there it was.

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Even though I love the RS series, this just looks like a rehashed version the the previous 2 installments. Maybe it was just me, but I didn't even see any graphical updates or any changes other than the first person perspective, wii mote targeting, and the dueling.

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Damn, man. This looks like the kind of game which would've convinced me to actually get a wii. Too bad it never saw the light of day...

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I'm still wondering when we're going to get more news on the new Star Wars Battlefront and even Mirror's Edge 2 for that matter. They've been eerily quiet about those two.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Second that about Mirror's Edge 2. If they address the occasional control issues of the original and make full use of modern graphics, we could get something vertigo inducing like the Prince of Persia trilogy. Also, I want no puzzles this time, standing around scratching my head did not keep with the spirit of the game.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Oh yeah, it would be incredibly silly for them to add puzzles this time. Given they're increasing the flow of combat so it doesn't bring you to a stop, introducing puzzles which bring you to a stop would be really counter-productive.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> they said at e3 they would have an update on battlefront in spring 2015.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Ah, right-oh. Thanks for telling me.

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That flying gameplay looked great.

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I was wondering why the Wii didn't bring out an epic game of this nature, now I know. Thanks for the missed opportunity... great marketing and business decision............... duuuuuuhhhh !!!!

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Why do you keep torturing me with these footage Gamespot?

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<< LINK REMOVED >> LOL yeah really