Watch the Canceled Star Wars Wii Game's Lightsaber Duels and Trench Run

Factor 5's canceled Star Wars game wouldn't have lacked for variety.


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Footage has emerged of the canceled Star Wars game for Wii from Factor 5, showcasing the game's lightsaber fighting and much more.

We recently learned about a number of canceled Star Wars projects that were in the works at Factor 5, best known for the Star Wars: Rogue Squadron series. This included a Wii collection originally intended for release on Xbox that brought together the Rogue Squadron games (including Rogue Leader and Rebel Strike) and added new content. Two videos of this collection have been shared with IGN by an anonymous source, which you can watch above and below.

The video above highlights the variety of things you'd be doing in the game--a Death Star trench run, taking down AT-ATs, and so on. Based on what we see, the game certainly wouldn't have been lacking for variety.

The video below focuses on the lightsaber duels, which are extremely reminiscent of the sword play minigame in Wii Sports Resort. In a sequence that would make some LucasArts exec's head explode, considering all games are now canon, these duels include a fight against Darth Vader, who ends up frozen in carbonite, Han Solo-style.

Lightsaber gameplay would be made possible through the use of the then-new Wii Remote Plus technology. Other areas of the game would offer control schemes that used other peripherals, like a Wii Wheel/Wii balance board combination for flying an X-Wing.

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