Watch The Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Multiplayer Reveal Live

We've got all the details on Advanced Warfare's multiplayer mode.

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We've detailed many of the new features and changes shown off during today's event below. The new multiplayer trailer can be seen above. For more, check out hands-on preview and details on the Day Zero edition that you'll be able to play one day early.


  • "Boost jump" -- jump much higher than in the past
  • "Slam" -- an air-to-ground melee attack
  • "Boost dodge" -- dodge while on the ground
  • "Boost dash" -- move quickly in a direction while in mid-air
  • "Boost slide" -- slide while on the ground
  • Exo abilities are selectable within Pick 13 (see below) and are usable for as long as battery power is available
  • "Exo cloak" -- turn at least partially invisible
  • "Exo shield"
  • "Exo cover"
  • "Exo launcher"
  • Super punch -- rather than using a knife, you can punch an enemy player to death

Player Customization:

  • XP still exists and is the "backbone" of the ranking system
  • Create-an-Operator lets you customize the look of your character, including your head, helmet, exoskeleton, gloves, and boots
  • Pick 13 system replaces Pick 10
    • You can select up to four score streaks or none at all, giving you more room to select Exo suit abilities or other items
    • Scorestreaks can be customized to make them more powerful; doing so doesn't cost Pick 13 points
    • Co-op scorestreaks let players work together, like allowing two players to make use of a flying vehicle
  • Virtual firing range allows you to try out your custom loadout without having to go into a multiplayer match
  • Virtual Lobby -- show off your character in the lobby, allowing you to view other players' look and loadout
  • Supply drops -- rewarded through things like in-game challenges and time played; rewards you with weapons, special care packages
    • Three rarity levels: Enlisted, Professional, and Elite
    • Weapon loot -- custom weapons that modify weapons' base stats
    • Character gear will also be available, allowing you to customize your look as part of the Create-an-Operator feature
    • Thousands of rewards available and billions of possible combinations


  • 12 multiplayer modes on day one
  • CTF, Search & Destroy, Hardpoint all returning
  • Round-based Domination
  • Uplink -- new mode where two teams fight for control of a drone that can be passed between players


  • Maps have dynamic elements, such as water from the ocean flooding a level when a tsunami rolls in
  • Four maps announced today:
    • Biolab -- set in a bioengineering laboratory
    • Riot -- set in a prison in Baghdad
    • Ascend -- set in a space elevator terminal
    • Defender -- set in San Francisco next to the Golden Gate Bridge, features the aforementioned tsunami

Original Story: We learned a bit about the story of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare in the game's last trailer, and next Activision wants to talk about multiplayer.

You can watch the reveal event live today through the player above. According to the video's description, we'll see developer interviews, the new multiplayer trailer, and maybe we'll finally learn how the prominently displayed exosuits work.

Here are the times to tune in:

  • North America: 10am PDT/1pm EDT
  • United Kingdom: 6pm BST
  • France/Germany/Italy/Spain: 7pm CEST
  • Australia: 3am AEST (Tuesday, August 12)
  • New Zealand: 5am NZST (Tuesday, August 12)

We learned last month that the Pipeline map from Modern Warfare would make a return, but otherwise this will be our first in-depth look at multiplayer in the game. What do you want to see?

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