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Apex Legends has already hit a whopping 25 million players after just one week and has a new update that's now available. Respawn is keeping that engine moving with an event that will bring together 48 notable streamers as they throw down on the new battle royale game, and you can watch it all unfold right here. The Apex Legends Challenge pits 48 streamers against each other in a big tournament. It will take place on February 12 and February 19.

Only a week after launch, Apex Legends is already a popular game on Twitch. According to Twitch's public viewing data, it has 427,000 viewers as of the time of writing. That's roughly equal to the next four highest-watched categories combined. Those are League of Legends, Just Chatting, Dota 2, and Fortnite, respectively.

Apex Legends is the latest entry in the battle royale genre, though it also mixes up the formula with distinct hero characters who all have their own sets of skills, a la Overwatch. It's a free-to-play game with cosmetic purchases and two additional hero characters not included as the free set. It's also set in Respawn's Titanfall universe, and the studio has said that more Titanfall is on the way.

For tips on how to make the most out of your play, check out everything the game doesn't tell you, along with tips to improve your play. You might also be hunting for the best weapons to use as you scour before the combat starts.

"Apex Legends is a mix of smart shooter ideas that makes for a competitive, team-based game that gets at all the best parts of battle royale while addressing a lot of the weaknesses," critic Phil Hornshaw said in GameSpot's review. "Respawn's intense focus on team play makes Apex more than just a worthy addition to the genre; it's an indicator of where battle royale should go in the future."

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