Watch The Angry Birds TikTok Play Smash Or Pass

A V-tuber version of "Red" proclaimed what video game characters he would smash.


In case you ever wanted to see a cartoon bird talk about which video game characters they would... date, you can now watch Red from Angry Birds play Smash or Pass in an actual ad for the classic mobile game franchise.

This video was posted on the official Angry Birds TikTok. It features what appears to be a V-tuber-style 3D rig of the titular angry bird, complete with headphones, a PC setup, and hauntingly blank orange walls.


any thoughts or violent reactions? 😏

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Red proceeds to react to varied assortment of video games characters, including Zelda, Ezio, Tracer, Junko Enoshima (from Danganronpa), and Steve (from Minecraft). None of Red's picks are too surprising (who among us would pass on Bayonetta?), but it is very disturbing to hear a barely-characterized cartoon bird shout "Mommy!" when Fire Emblem: Awakening character Tharja appears.

Earlier in April, Sega announced plans to acquire Angry Birds developer and publisher Rovio Entertainment. A TikTok like this makes one wonder if Rovio is looking to take cues from how Sega has marketed Sonic, with a chaotic, meme-fueled approach to social media. Presumably, we will see more of Red's streamer persona in the future.

In another mobile game campaign, Pedro Pascal appears as a detective investing the grandma from Merge Mansion.

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