Watch Telltale Batman's First Trailer and Find Out When Episode 1 Arrives

Two weeks to go until the debut episode.

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Now Playing: Batman: The Telltale Series - Realm of Shadows Trailer

We've heard a fair bit about Telltale's new Batman game, but it wasn't until now that we got a proper trailer for the new episodic series.

Batman: The Telltale Series sees you control both Bruce Wayne and Batman, and we get a taste of each side of that dynamic in the new video. Many of the characters in the game--Alfred Pennyworth, Harvey Dent, Vicki Vale, Jim Gordon, Carmine Falcone--also show up, and there's a quick glimpse of Catwoman.

This trailer comes quite close to the release of the first episode, which Telltale has announced is due out on August 2. It'll be available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS3, and Xbox 360, as well as iOS and Android devices.

Telltale's plan is to release the full season this year, though that might not happen if it would come at the cost of quality.

In addition to the digital release, a physical version is also on the way. Curiously, Telltale won't wait until the season is complete to offer the full thing on disc. Instead, it'll sell physical copies in September with only the first of five episodes included; the remainder of the five episodes will then need to be downloaded.

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We got a look at the game in action back in E3, where it looked quite promising. You can read our full impressions here.

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Avatar image for Darth_Tyrranus

I'm disappointed Kevin Conroy isn't voicing Batman in this game.

Avatar image for Myron117

I thought it was Archer in the first few seconds!

Avatar image for prime_pm

@Myron117:Joker. Joker. JOKER. JOKEEEEERRRRR!

Avatar image for soarlozer

As long as they dont create any characters this will be great. Game of Thrones was a huge let down due to them trying to force the Forresters into major plots/events.

Avatar image for darksouls

Hopefully its good but I doubt it.

Avatar image for Pelezinho777

I kinda have mixed feelings about this....

Avatar image for johno357

**** anything that comes in episodes

Avatar image for darksouls

@johno357: True

Avatar image for elheber

Well, I'm sold. I'll admit that it really doesn't take much, but being able to play as Bruce Wayne and explore the duality pleases me to no end.

Avatar image for kaalkurayami

Looks great, but will only buy it when the full season 1 comes on disc.

Avatar image for Ripper_TV

Looks budget as fu.

Avatar image for ginobili1

Whoa! TT just blew me away. Looks like you'll be playing as much as BW as Batman. That's a nice change.

It'll be hard to wait for all the episodes to come out before I jump into this. :(

Avatar image for deactivated-57cadb5cefcfc

TellTale can shove their season pass disc up where the sun don't shine. I won't be buying the game unless I get the whole game on a disc, not 20% of it.

Avatar image for Marky360

Oh last gen versions interesting

Avatar image for NeverMore0

Looks good. Solid voice acting.

Avatar image for deactivated-58aa7e27264a0

I love a good story. I love Batman. I'm excited for this title. Yes I am.

Avatar image for linthes999

Telltale going back to the gritty stuff; the stuff they seem to do best. I won't be picking this up til the 'complete' edition becomes available though. I'm not a fan of episodic style releases, especially when said episodes are released months apart.

Avatar image for senorbusyman

another game i can play using my X360. im sure it will be free later for X1 with gwg

Avatar image for straightcur

Let me know when the full game is released. Until then, I don't care.

Avatar image for darksouls

@straightcur: Tbh