Watch Street Fighter 5's Urien Trailer

Aegis reflector is back.


Capcom has revealed a trailer for upcoming Street Fighter V character Urien. The trailer was shared via YouTube, on the official Capcom channel--check it out below.

The trailer showcases Urien's moveset, which seems to include the returning aegis reflector ability. From the gameplay shown, the move is thrown out as a V-trigger in Street Fighter 5, with the "mirror" able to withstand multiple hits before shattering. In addition, Urien's critical art sees him gathering a large amount of energy before slamming it into the ground to create a vertical pillar of damage.

Urien is a returning character to the Street Fighter series. He made his debut in Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact as the younger brother of Gill. He is the final character to be released of the six announced DLC characters, and will be released as part of the September update.

The Street Fighter 5 September update will also grant season pass holders costume colors 3-10 for the DLC characters' Default and Battle costumes for free, while purchased premium costumes will now include colours 3-10. Colour bundles will also be available for purchase with Fight Money or real currency.

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