Watch Star Citizen's First Person and Planetside Gameplay

Star Citizen video from Citizen Con 2014 takes you from outer space to the surface of a planet.


Star Citizen, the upcoming PC space sim from Wing Commander creator Chris Roberts, showed off planetside gameplay for the first time at its Citizen Con event in Los Angeles last night.

Roberts, who introduced the demo on stage, said it was 100 percent in-game, but still in the early prototype phase. As you can see in the video, the player can stop piloting and start exploring the ship in the first-person. Later, we see the player fly through a city, land, and explore a base in the first and third-person perspectives. Roberts explained that players will be able to shop and trade in these areas, which will change depending on what's happening in the universe.

"If you land on a bustling successful planet, there will be a lot of people going about their business, the place will look great," Roberts said. "If you land on a planet that's not doing so well then you'll see graffiti and maybe there's more crime and not as many people. We'll also have a fair amount NPC, PvE kind of stuff that's going to happen on the planet."

The crowdfunding campaign for the gamehas now reached $57.6 million, a big boost from last week's $55 million mark. Roberts revealed the new funding milestone through the game's website, saying that it "confirms my feeling that a working universe is much more interesting that just a battlefield."

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