Watch Spectacular Trailer for Guardians, the Russian Answer to The Avengers



Guardians is an upcoming Russian superhero movie about a team of Cold War Soviet heroes, and it looks spectacular. A new trailer has been released, and if you ever wanted to see a shape-shifting bear blowing his enemies away with a machine gun, you've come to the right place. Check it out below:

This is the second trailer to have been released--watch the first here. The movie is directed by Russian-Armenian filmmaker Sarik Andreasyan.

The film focuses on a team of heroes assembled during the Cold War to fight a deadly supervillain intent on destroying Moscow. The Guardians each represent a different country of the Soviet Union, and the threat to their homeland means they must put their differences aside to defeat the enemy.

Guardians is set to hit Russian theaters in February, but so far there have been no announcements of a US release.

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