Watch Someone Play GTA 5 in VR on a Treadmill

This is Los Santos from an all-new perspective.


Not long after a modder showed us what Grand Theft Auto V would look like in virtual reality, someone else has gone even further with the concept. Virtuix, makes of the omnidirectional virtual reality treadmill Omni, has published a video showing off GTA V in virtual reality using the upcoming treadmill technology.

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Watch as the player, wearing an Oculus Rift headset and wielding a gun controller, actually runs on the treadmill to virtually move around the world of Rockstar's Los Santos.

During this demonstration, he enters a convenience store and kills the clerk. After that he goes outside and guns down more people. Virtuix notes in the video's description that, "We do not condone the violence in this video."

Would you ever want to play GTA V in this manner? Let us know in the comments below.

Virtuix successfully crowdfunded the Omni treadmill on Kickstarter, raising more than $1 million. The Omni treadmill starts at $700, and you can pre-order one today from the company's website.

GTA V was released for PC on Tuesday, April 14, quickly becoming the most played non-Valve game published on Steam, with more than 300,000 people playing the game simultaneously.

GameSpot's GTA V PC review praised the game's improved visuals and frame rate.

"It looked great on PS4 and Xbox One, but GTA V shines on PC thanks to 4K-grade textures, the availability of additional post-processing effects, and an unlocked frame rate," reviewer Peter Brown said. "Previous versions of the game played just fine at 30 frames per second, but you quickly appreciate the added fluidity of playing at 60 FPS (if not more) on PC."

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