Watch Someone Beat Super Mario Bros. In Under 5 Minutes

Classic NES game beaten in supposedly world record time.


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This week seems to be all about speedruns. Just days after a world record Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes speedrun video surfaced this week comes another that shows someone completing classic NES game Super Mario Bros. in under five minutes.

Speedrunner Blubbler posted a video this week (via Eurogamer) that shows a completion of the entire game--with no cheats--finished in 4:57.69, supposedly a world record. That's about a second faster than the previous record of 4:58.09.

It's an impressive feat to watch. Blubbler deftly zips through the levels, avoiding enemies and timing jumps with absolute perfection. You'll notice a particularly interesting technique in level 8-2 (at around 3:30 in the video), when Blubbler skillfully arrives at the flagpole at exactly the same moment as the Bullet Bill, allowing Blubbler to bypass the walk to the castle.

Such mastery is entrancing to watch. Check out the full video above.

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