Watch Someone "Beat" Pokemon Red/Blue in 21 Minutes

Speedrunner in Awesome Games Done Quick event glitches his way through classic RPG.


Pokemon Red / Blue / Yellow / Green Version

The 2015 Awesome Games Done Quick event rolled on today with an impressive speedrun of the classic role-playing game Pokemon Red/Blue, which saw the game "beaten" in just 21 minutes.

Speedrunner Werster employs a number of interesting strategies to topple the game with great pace. One of his tactics is avoiding encounters in the grass altogether. He's discovered that grass patches with flowers in the bottom right square of the tile do not lead to encounters, so he simply walks on those.

But the way in which he really zips through the game is by leveraging a glitch (starting at around 12:15 in the video above) that allows him to walk through walls. And starting at around 20 minutes, he manipulates certain game variables that essentially allows him to teleport to the Hall of Fame, ending the run in 21 minutes and 42 seconds.

The time might seem blazing fast to you, but Werster says he can do better.

"There's a slightly faster route that you can do that involves Bulbasaur exactly having 16 special and then catching a Pidgey that has to have exactly 15 or 17 health--it's pretty stupid," he says.

The Awesome Games Done Quick event is a charity speedrunning event that raises money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. It started January 4 and runs through January 10. So far, the effort has raised more than $595,000 for charity.

Looking for more Awesome Games Done Quick coverage? One gamer recently proposed to his girlfriend during a speedrun; she said yes. In addition, you can pay what you want for the Awesome Games Done Quick 2015 Bundle, which includes a collection of games featured in the event.

YouTube Video Via MikeySaysGo

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