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Watch Someone Beat Fallout: New Vegas in 27 Minutes

A new record.


A player who goes by the handle Rydou has set a new speedrunning record for Fallout: New Vegas, beating the sprawling post-apocalyptic role-playing game in a mere 27 minutes.

Rydou used a few tricks to hit that time that not might be clear just by watching the video below. Rydou skips dialogues at the beginning of the game by quicksaving and quickloading, and the player character isn't taking much damage because the game is set to the very easy mode.

Rydou also takes advantage of an interesting glitch to get a speed boost.

"When you cripple your leg, you get slower, and then when you heal it, you're supposed to get your speed back," Rydou says in the description to video above. "By quickloading just before getting crippled, you can confuse the game into giving you the speed back without actually ever losing it ( because we don't actually really get crippled). So you get a huge speedboost, and walk at 165% of your walking speed."

The other big Fallout news this week, of course, is the release of the first Fallout 4 trailer, which you can watch here.

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