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Watch Shadow Of War's Backstory, As Explained By An Orc

Get up-to-speed from one of the agents of Mordor.


It's been a while since Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor came out--three years, in fact--so it's understandable if you've forgotten some of the events of the game. In a new trailer, an orc named Bruz the Chopper--you may remember him from E3--gives you all the info you need to jump into Shadow of Mordor's upcoming sequel, Shadow of War.

Bruz provides a quick overview of the original game's story, followed by a description of Shadow of Mordor's world and features. He's a memorable narrator, too, with a pretty irreverent and blunt sense of humor. The video actually looks and sounds a bit like other YouTube story breakdowns. You can check it out above.

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If you want a slightly more in-depth look at Shadow of Mordor's story (and one with less orc slang), you can check out our recap here. Shadow of War's narrative stars Talion and Celebrimbor, the main characters from the original game. It also takes some significant creative liberties from the Lord of the Rings canon, such as portraying the spider Shelob as a woman. You can read GameSpot's recent interview with lead narrative designer Tony Elias about these story changes here.

Shadow of War launches tomorrow, October 10. In our 7/10 review, critic Justin Haywald wrote, "It tries to be larger than its predecessor, there are more abilities, more weapons, more Orcs, yet it leaves you wanting less. But at its core, it's a fun experience with brilliant moments that provide fascinating insight into some of the untold stories of Middle-earth. I just wish it had known when to stop."

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