Watch Real-World Zelda Sword Used to Slice Pumpkin in Half

Man at Arms creates the famous Majora's Mask two-handed sword and puts it to good use.

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The latest project from Man at Arms, makers of real-world swords and helmets based on video games, is Link's signature two-handed Fierce Deity Sword from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.

Watch the video below to see the blacksmiths from Maryland forge the blade, and be sure to stick to the end where the real action is. It's almost entrancing to watch as the sword is used to slice a pumpkin and watermelon in half, and even chop the face off a zombie prop.

Speaking of Majora's Mask, Nintendo recently announced plans to bring the game to the 3DS in 2015. It sure is a good time to be a fan of Majora's Mask, but that's pretty much always true.

Check out another GIF below. You can watch the full Man at Arms Fierce Deity Sword episode here or at the bottom of this post.

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