Watch Purist Arena FPS Toxikk's Gameplay Reveal Trailer

Latest trailer brings back memories of Unreal Tournament 2004.

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Last month, we first told you about Toxikk, an arena first-person shooter that passes on modern multiplayer FPS trends like leveling, classes, and cover systems in favor of something that's inspired by the era of Unreal Tournament and Quake 3 Arena.

The debut trailer gave us a pretty good idea of what kind of game tp expect, but now German developer Reakktor has released a gameplay reveal trailer. "We finally got the game to a point, where we can show some alpha gameplay in action," Reakktor said. "It's pretty much just a three minutes long collection of random in-game captures from a couple of play sessions (both against bots and also live multi-player sessions), but it nicely demonstrates most of the weapons, the general movement model and the look of the maps. It is also meant to clarify the difference between Classic Maps (smaller maps, no vehicles) and Massive Maps (bigger maps featuring vehicular warfare)."

Reakktor reiterated that the game is still in alpha, and that a lot of things will change before the game goes into closed beta.

Toxikk is in development exclusively for PC and should launch on Steam as an Early Access title later this year. You can pre-purchase a copy today from Reakktor for $15.

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