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Watch PS4 Slim Get Taken Apart

Teardown of unannounced PS4 Slim posted online.


Sony is expected to announce a new slimline model of the PlayStation 4 on September 7, but the console has made it out in to the wild ahead of time. Those that managed to acquire one have posted images online, and now a teardown video has been released.

YouTube user Links-Tech has uploaded videos in which the PS4 Slim is completely disassembled, providing a good look at how Sony has managed to pack all its hardware into the new slimmer form. The first video is a high-speed teardown, but those that want to see it in real-time can watch the second video below it.

As mentioned previously, the PlayStation Meeting is scheduled for September 7 at 3 PM ET and will be held at the PlayStation Theater in New York. Although Sony still hasn't confirmed what it will be showing, at this point the PS4 Slim seems certain.

Sony may also show off the PlayStation Neo, which it first confirmed the existence of prior to E3 in June. Although details on Neo are still scant, it is believed the console will "sit alongside and complement the standard PS4," as both PS4 and Neo will play the same games, but at different specs. Sony previously said it will take a "small but manageable" amount of effort for developers to get games working on both versions of the PS4.

Reports have indicated that Neo could be released before the end of 2016, which would mean a reveal is imminent.

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