Watch Priceless Statues Be Destroyed in Ex-Burnout Devs' New Golf Game

Dangerous Golf has little regard for keeping things intact.


With the release of Dangerous Golf, the new title from the former makers of Burnout, fast approaching, we've finally gotten a lot at the game in action. And, as you'd expect from a golf game being made by the Burnout folks, it's suitably over-the-top.

As screenshots had previously shown, Dangerous Golf often has you smacking around a flaming golf ball around indoor areas filled with breakable objects. These range from plates and glasses to tables and lifesize statues, all of which shatter in glorious fashion.

The video above features the Giant Bomb crew checking out the game along with developer Three Fields Entertainment's Alex Ward and Chris Roberts. Both of them, along with other members of Three Fields, previously worked at Burnout developer Criterion. Ward and fellow Criterion co-founder Fiona Sperry then founded Three Fields in 2014 before announcing Dangerous Golf as its first project.

Dangerous Golf features a World Tour mode that consists of 100 holes, a co-op mode, and both online and offline multiplayer for up to eight players.

Following a delay earlier this year, Dangerous Golf is now expected out as a digital title for Xbox One, PS4, and PC on June 3.

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